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Frequently Asked Questions

For any shoot including children of any age bring a change of clothes, snacks and drinks.
The shoot is fun but tiring for everyone and the studio gets hot because of the flash lights.
For a maternity shoot you could bring a man’s shirt, a dressing gown, silk wraps or a pashmina.

Wear nice underwear, bring some jewellery and I have lengths of muslin.
Others bring baby shoes, soft toys, or flowers.

For a newborn shoot, mums could pack a black vest top and dad’s bring a black t-shirt – but wear something else and just have these with you for wearing in some of the shots.
If you don’t have black t-shirts, don’t worry, I can use black drapes instead.

Wear clothes that are reasonably classic and plain. Not black, grey, brown, beige, navy or dark purple, as those colours look terribly gloomy in colour photos. Pastels look fresh and are easy on the eye.
Try to choose clothes without massive writing, logos or pictures on. The images are portraits of people and we want the viewer’s eye to be drawn to the faces, not the FCUK T shirt!!

An hour is average, but a shoot with adults won’t take so long, as cooperation is assured.
However, with a chat, time to change clothes, check hair and make-up, the time soon passes.
We can take time out for a drink and snack if necessary and babies often need to have a nappy change or a feed – even if it is not normal feed time, please bring one.

Normally, within 7 days, I will email you to say that your best images are on an online album accessible via my homepage. You will be able to view them by a username and password that we will have agreed and if you give this information to family and friends, then can then share them too.

You are welcome to come back for a slide show of the images, if you need advice on ordering/printing/framing etc. Otherwise, you can just order and pay through the website.

You can email me your order if you prefer and send me a cheque, or pay by direct transfer but I do not have the capacity for credit card payment.

With the CD options, you get high resolution Jpeg images on a disc with written permission to reproduce them yourself and hints and tips on printing.

The images you choose will be given to you in both Colour and Black & White at no extra charge and you get also get 25% off my print prices.

There is no charge for changing your appointment.

I have only once had to abandon a shoot where a baby just wouldn’t stop crying.  It turned out that he had a temperature and we rescheduled and had no problem when he was better.

Don’t hesitate to postpone your appointment if your baby goes down with a heavy cold – although I can edit out snot and red skin under the nose, it will be obvious that the baby’s eyes are not as clear and bright as they should be.