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Baby Photography

Baby Photographers in Tunbridge Wells KentI love to photograph newborn babies when they are between ten days and three weeks of age.

If they are younger they tend to be asleep or feeding – whereas I specialise in getting photographs of these tiny babies with their limpid eyes wide open, enquiring, listening.  Babies that are asleep are still gorgeous, but that is too easy!!

I undress the babies in a warm studio and they are either held by parents or comfy on fleece blankets.  Parents must be willing to be wee-ed on – or worse!  All my backdrops and blankets are washable, so I don’t mind!

Their loose downy skin, wrinkly back, tiny hands, feet and bottoms is what I want to  capture – and their tiny size compared to their parents.

Most babies will cry at some point in the shoot, nappies will need changing and most babies will also need an extra feed – all expected and no problem at all.

My main focus with young babies is skin to skin contact and intimacy but I do also take photos with everyone dressed!

I normally take some pictures on the black background and some on the white, swapping over while the baby is feeding or taking a break!

Older babies are delightfully  smiley and cute.  I still like to see their straight backs, fat tums and chubby limbs by dressing them only in a nappy – I have shaped terry nappies that fit all.

Babies who can sit well  but not crawl yet are easier than those that are consummate crawlers, but I always manage to get a captivating selection of images, whatever the age of the baby.